Page Title

If you use a theme defined layout there is a probability that you have a strict place defined for the page or post title. Yet, not every page requires a title at the top of the content (most popular place to put it), maybe you want to incorporate heading somewhere within the content.

Visual Composer page layout settings allow you to disable Page title for the themes that are coded according to WordPress Codex (most themes do follow this practice).

Change page title in WordPress with Visual Composer

To disable page title:

  • In Visual Composer editor open Settings;
  • Disable page title by switching toggle control OFF.

Also, if you wish to change the Page title, you can do it in the same place by simply writing your own page title in the input field above.

Note: In Visual Composer predefined page layouts, we do not put a strict place for the page title. We give you the freedom to insert page title anywhere on the page as a simple heading (and even specify custom fonts.)