Instagram-Like Filters

Do you love Instagram? It is an easy way to make your photos look better with the help of awesome filters. We want you to do the same with your website. With Visual Composer, you can improve any of your content images by applying beautiful pre-defined filters. And, this is how you can ensure that all of your images have the same style to make your website look more consistent.

Adding Instagram-like filters in Visual Composer is really easy:

  1. Simply add an element that contains one or several images (single image or image gallery);
  2. Select image from your Media Libray (or upload a new image);
  3. Switch toggle Enable Instagram-like filters to ON to access filter menu (toggle will be available under image selector of element Edit window);
  4. Use a horizontal scrollbar to browse through available filters and select the filter you want.

Congratulations! You have just made your website a bit more awesome.

Add Instagram-like filters to your website with Visual Composer

Few elements that offer image filter option are Single Image, Image gallery, and Feature section.

Note: Instagram-like filters are available for content images that are not placed as background images (ex. background images in Design Options don’t have filter option available.)