Delete Element

Visual Composer offers several ways on how to delete a content element:

  • Element controls
  • Recycle bin
  • Tree view

Element controls

Once you hover any element of Visual Composer, you will have access to multiple element controls with Delete option included.

Element border outline with colors in Visual Composer Website Builder

Click on the Remove from the drop-down menu of element controls to instantly delete an element from the layout.

Tree View

In tree view mode, hover the element you want to remove and click on the Remove icon located on the right. It will instantly remove an element from the layout.

Recycle bin

Recycle bin allows you to delete any element from your layout with a simple drag and drop. Once you start to drag an element, you will see Recycle bin icon appear in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Hover the Recycle bin icon while dragging an element – it will instantly notify you about delete option with red color, release the click of your mouse to delete an element.

Delete element via simple drag and drop to recycle bin.

This option is very helpful if you decide to use Visual Composer on a mobile device to edit content. Recycle bin is available only in Frontend editor.