Apart from Clone option, Visual Composer Website Builder has the option to copy any element (row, column, regular elements) in your layout and paste it anywhere. Depending on the element you copy you can paste it into several places:

  • Elements can be pasted into columns
  • Columns can be pasted into rows
  • Rows can be pasted after rows or inside rows

The paste control will be activated/deactivated depending on the element you are copying to help you out.

Copy/Paste elements in blank page or bottom of the page

Note: All elements can be pasted in the Blank Page or bottom of the page and will be automatically wrapped into row/column if necessary.

How to copy elements

To copy/paste element:

  1. Hover element to see element controls
  2. Select copy (it will copy element into a clipboard)
    Element border outline with colors in Visual Composer Website Builder
  3. Hover the parent-class element (ex. parent of an element is a column, parent of a column is a row) where you want to paste element
    Element controls for column to edit your layout in WordPress
  4. Select paste (it will paste element)

You can also copy/paste by using Tree View. To access copy/paste, hover the element in the Tree View and in the sandwich menu select Copy. After, hover the parent-class element in the Tree View and select the Paste option.

Visual Composer Tree View mode with content in layers

Note: Copied element will be stored in your clipboard and you can paste it into columns whenever you want. Even on a different page.

Copy elements from page to page

Visual Composer offers you an awesome feature to copy/paste elements from page to page. Simply open to different pages of your site with Visual Composer in different tabs, select copy an element and paste it into a new page via paste in element controls or blank page bottom helper.