Edit Element

Visual Composer Website Builder allows you to edit any element of your layout by accessing it parameters via element Edit window. To open elements Edit window, hover the element controls and select edit from the drop-down menu.

Edit window of the elements consists of several groups (depending on element type) divided via accordion. These groups allow divide parameters into logical parts and reduce parameter overwhelming. It is also possible to have all accordions to be open at the same time.

Edit element settings with Visual Composer Website Builder for WordPress

Note: Every element has the option to open any of the accordion sections via element controls (ex. you can open design options section via element controls).

To edit element parameters, simply open element Edit window and change the parameters of your choice. Your changes will instantly take effect in the editor of Visual Composer Website Builder. There is no need to confirm your changes, only to Save/Publish all changes at the very end of your work.

Some parameters may have a default placeholder which can be changed at any time by entering your own values.

Note: It is possible to revert changes you make in Edit window (just like any other changes) by using Undo/Redo option.

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