Content Elements and Structure

The main asset of Visual Composer Website Builder is the elements. All your layouts will consist of 2 types of elements:

  • Structure elements
  • Content elements

Structure elements define the structure of your content. They divide your content into row containers which can be placed one below another (or one inside another). And columns, which allow dividing row containers into columns. Row and column elements are linked in the way that every time you will add a row, Visual Composer Website Builder will automatically add a column inside this particular row. You will need to use rows and columns to build the initial structure of your layout.

Add content element to your WordPress website

Content elements are regular elements (ex. text block, button, image) that can be placed within a column (located inside row). Content elements then can be adjusted with the help of parameters which are unique to the particular type of content element (there are also common parameters available for content elements).

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