Backend Editor

Backend editor is the schematic editor of Visual Composer Website Builder that allows you to create and edit your content directly from WordPress admin dashboard.

Backend editor represents the structure of your content via rows, columns, and element blocks. It is a more compact way to work with a large amount of content (ex. landing pages) or build an initial structure.

Visual Composer Website Builder schematic Backend editor for WordPress

To edit with Backend editor:

  1. Add a new page, post or custom post type and Backend editor will load by default.
  2. Select Edit option next to your page.
    Edit WordPress page with Visual Composer Website Builder

Note: Make sure to enable Visual Composer Website Builder for pages, posts, and custom post types where you want to access Backend editor.

Backend Editor Element Preview

Backend editor allows you to review most important parameters of content elements via quick preview option.

Content element preview in Visual Composer Website Builder Backend editor

To open preview, click Expand icon located on the right side of the content element block. To hide preview, click Collapse icon located on the right side of the content element block (that has been expanded).