Website Builder Vs Page Builder

Visual Composer Website Builder is a completely new WordPress builder plugin released under Visual Composer trademark. Tailored for performance and user experience, it combines the best features of the page builder in a new way with completely fresh ideas never seen in WordPress.

The WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer Page Builder) is and will still be available on Envato Market and will receive new feature updates and continued support.

Is Free version going to be free forever?

Yes! Visual Composer Website Builder will always be free and receive regular updates. We want to have a free WordPress builder that has it all to create a website. Yet, to uncover the real power of Visual Composer Premium version is the one to go with.

How can I download elements from the Hub?

Visual Composer Hub will be available for Premium version users to download elements, templates, and extensions. The Hub will be updated with new content on the regular basis and will include 3rd party products (no additional costs). For Lite users, Visual Composer Hub is a good chance to check out the library of additional elements before the purchase of Premium version.

Can I include Website Builder into my theme?

Visual Composer core team will offer a mechanism for the Website Builder integration into themes. If you have specific requests or questions, feel free to join slack.visualcomposer.io

Can I edit Header, Footer, and Sidebar?

Header, Footer, Sidebar, and overall theme edit and design options will be available in Visual Composer Website Builder Premium version, later in 2017.

Can I edit Category and Archive pages?

Visual Composer Website Builder requires a content area to be defined within page or post you are editing according to WordPress Codex guidelines. Category and Archive pages have completely different structure and generate content automatically. This content can not be changed with Visual Composer Website Builder.

Does Visual Composer Website Builder works with any WordPress theme?

Visual Composer Website Builder works with all properly coded themes without any problems. What does “properly coded theme” means? There is an official WordPress Codex which states rules which need to be followed when you develop your WordPress theme.

How can I use Visual Composer Website Builder on Posts and Custom Posts?

Visual Composer Website Builder can be used for pages, posts, and custom post types. To control access option, make sure to enable Visual Composer Website Builder for your custom post types under Visual Composer Settings in your WordPress admin dashboard.

Can I insert 3rd party shortcodes into Visual Composer Website Builder?

Visual Composer Website Builder includes Shortcode element that allows you to add any 3rd party shortcode into your layout.

How to migrate from the Page Builder to Visual Composer Website Builder?

At the moment there is no mechanism to migrate your layout from the WPBakery Page Builder plugin to the Visual Composer Website Builder. Visual Composer core team plan to introduce migration tool in a Premium version.

Do you have an online community?

Yes, we have an awesome online community that you can join to share your expertise, connect with power-users and Visual Composer core team – slack.visualcomposer.io

When will you have Premium version available?

Visual Composer team has set a deadline for Premium version release to be December of 2017 with pre-order with a discount available in advance. To receive the latest information, please subscribe to our newsletter.

How can I extend Website Builder?

In prior to Premium version release, we will offer an API and detailed documentation on the development of content elements, templates, and extensions.

Do you have official Support?

Visual Composer Premium version will come with a premium class support included. The support will be managed via the dedicated team of professionals available via ticket system. For the free version users, support is limited to online communication with the community via slack.visualcomposer.io